Welcome to our wedding planning website!  We decided it would be best to keep all of our wedding inspirations and ideas in one place, so they may easily be shared with friends and family.

About Jessica

Jessica graduated from UWEC with a degree in Mathematics/Actuarial Science in May and works at Thrivent Financial in downtown Minneapolis as a full time as an Actuarial Assistant.  She really enjoy playing with her little puppy Coco, being outside in the summer, running, shopping, and studying for actuarial exams (ummhmm).  She has also been enjoying planning the wedding and can't believe it is less than a year away!!

About Mark

Mark also graduated from UWEC and is working in St. Paul at Securian Financial Group as an Actuarial Associate.  He is very excited about the wedding and want everyone to know that it is possible to plan your wedding around actuarial exams.

The Proposal

THE moment!! :)
I was planning lunch with Amanda; Mark was planning so much more.

Amanda and I were walking to our cars after lunch at Panera when I noticed an envelope on my car windshield (after Amanda pointed it out).  I initially thought that she had put it on there, but once I opened it up realized it was a letter from Mark.  He wanted me to go around Eau Claire and have my picture taken at all of the places that held a special meaning to us.  Amanda was very excited and more than willing to join me and take the pictures.

The first stop was Hibbard Hall (Where you handed me the green pen), and was followed by the library (Where you started showing up on time just to spend time with me. We never really studied here.)  The third stop was at Mark's old college apartment (Where we first said "I love you").  With every stop my excitement grew, and I couldn't wait until I got to see Mark.  The next stop was at Culvers (What's the flavor of the day?).  After that I was taken to the skating rink at the nearby park (Where I first got to watch you skate).  On the way to the last location I found Mark's coat laying on top of a picnic table.  I went over to the table and saw that his laptop was wrapped inside his coat.  I opened up his laptop and there was a video for me to watch.  Mark made a slide show of pictures of us to one of my favorite songs- Love Story by Taylor Shift.  Of course I started to cry.  When it got to "the part" in the song where she gets proposed to, the words "look around" came up.  I turned around and there was Mark coming from around the corner and down on one knee.  He asked me those four magic words; "Will you marry me?" and of course I said "YES!"  After a few minutes of hugging, crying, and laughing I finally let him put the ring on. :)

And if the proposal story wasn't good enough, he also made plans for us to go to a dinner show at Fanny Hill and stay in a nice hotel that evening.  We had a great time getting all dressed up for the show- I finally got to wear my little black dress, while Mark went all out in a suit and tie.  We even met up with some friends after the show to go bowling still all dressed up.